Perspectives Asia #9: Two Sides of the Medals

Sports and Politics in Asia
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Date of Publication
September 2020
Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Asia Limited
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Table of contents
  • 2 Foreword
  • 4 The Tokyo Olympics: East Asian Sporting Mega-events Revisited
  • 7 The Fukushima Disaster and the Tokyo Olympcs
  • 11 Asia at the Olympics
  • 15 From the Streets to Stadiums: Extreme Sports in China - An Interview with Ding Yiyin
  • 20 Sport in Southeast Asia: More than Medals. It’s the ‘We’ Feeling
  • 24 We are the Champions
  • 30 Politics and Sports Capitalism in the Southeast Asian Games
  • 35 Coming apart at the Seams: Why Women Workers in the Cambodian Garment Industry Need a Sporting Chance at Equality
  • 40 From Mud to Mat: How Kabaddi Recaptured the Public Imagination
  • 44 Skateistan: Empowering Girls to Follow their Dreams - An Interview with Zainab Hussaini
  • 49 Shaping up Sport for all Genders - An Interview with Law Siufung