The Story of Coal Power in Thailand

Coal is still our most important source of energy. About 40% of all electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. But coal is also a very dirty source of energy – for the environment, for people, and for the planet as a whole, because emissions from coal are a major contribution to dangerous climate change.

Despite all these dangers and disadvantages, ASEAN policymakers– Myanmar included – are planning more coal-fired power plants, because they still follow traditional power policies. This video investigates the situation of coal power in Thailand. Our neighbor is using coal since 1960 and now wants to build more so-called “clean coal” technology power plants. What can Myanmar learn from the Thai experience with coal power?

Documentary Video, 2018, 26 min, by Kay Lie, Nyan Gyi and Kamol Sukin.

Produced by Myanmar Journalism Institute for Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Yangon Office, Myanmar.