The Dark Side of Coal in Myanmar : Investigative Documentary

In "The Dark Side of Coal" director Nyan Gyi investigates the use of coal in Myanmar and documents its negative impacts on public health and the environment.

Coal is used for industrial processes in dozens of factories in Yangon, contributing to the manifest air pollution in the city; ashes and slag are sometimes dumped along the roadside.

The Tigyit plant is currently the only dedicated coal power plant in the country, and the documentary shows its detrimental impacts in surrounding villages. National energy policy envisages to build several more coal power plants, and these plans are already resented by the local people.

Coal is used on a large scale for cement production, for example in Mawlamyine. Here as well as in other locations, governmental regulation and oversight turns out to be weak.

The people, the environment and, ultimately, the planet as a whole do pay the price for coal in Myanmar.

"The Dark Side of Coal" is a 45 minute documentary, produced by Myanmar Journalism Institute for Mizzima TV and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Director: Nyan Gyi. Producer: Kay Lie.