&PROUD Film Festival 2017 - with PROUD support of Heinrich Boell Myanmar Office

The Heinrich Böll Stiftung (hbs) Myanmar Office has started to support the growing LGBTI* movement in Myanmar, working on advocacy, assisting local organizations, promoting dialogue and supporting awareness raising campaigns of our local partners. The hbs MM's goal is to advocate an open tolerant society, in which gender and LGBTI* rights are openly being discussed and respected.

The upcoming &PROUD LGBT Film Festival 2017 is one way of supporting the rights of the LGBTI* community by bringing an open dialogue into society. We are PROUD to be able to support this great event once again and invite you all to join: There will be film screenings, dialogue, discussions, partying and hopefully a fruitful as well as respectful exchange.

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For further information and updates see https://www.facebook.com/andPROUD