The Dangers of Coal

The Dangers of Coal

The Dark Side of Coal in Myanmar : Investigative Documentary


In “The Dark Side of Coal”, director Nyan Gyi investigates the use of coal in Myanmar, for power and industrial production. Due to weak regulation and monitoring, coal already has serious impacts on Myanmar’s public health and environment – and according to the national energy policy, even more coal power plants are going to be built.

The Story of Coal Power in Thailand

Despite risks to environment, people and the planet as a whole, policymakers in ASEAN – Myanmar included – still pursue the development of coal power plants. This video shows what Myanmar can learn from Thailand’s experience with coal power.

Coal Power Plants in Myanmar: Recurring Plans, Recurring Protests

Whenever a plan to build a large coal power plant is announced in Myanmar, people take to the streets. While these protests have been rather successful on a local level, this has not discouraged investors from simply announcing a similar plant in another location. 

By Felix Sternagel

Coal Atlas: Facts and figures on a fossil fuel

Our Coal Atlas contains the latest facts and figures on the use of coal and its environmental and social consequences. With more than 60 detailed graphics, the atlas illustrates the coal industry’s impact on nature, health, labour, human rights and politics.