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The Scholarship and Alumni Program has been at the core of the foundations Myanmar program over the past ten years. It contributes to bridge the gap in the area of higher education inside Myanmar and to remedy the massive brain drain, which is one of the major obstacles for the future development of Myanmar. Since 2004, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung each year awards full scholarships to promising young students from all parts of Myanmar to attend international M.A. Programs at selected partner Universities in Thailand. About fifty beneficiaries could be supported to study International Development Studies, Sustainable Development and Economics. As part of their studies the students completed academic research about development problems in Myanmar, in many cases conducting pioneering work in their respective areas. After graduation the young scholars return to Myanmar and apply their expertise and knowledge as journalists, practitioners in the development field, trainers, community- and humanitarian workers and in other philanthropic professions. The scholarship program also produces a strong alumni network which helps to sustain information exchange among its graduates, current students and the foundation, fostering a sense of social solidarity and intellectual affinity.


Alison (Ohnmar Nyunt), Ms.
Program Coordinator
Heinrich Böll Stiftung Myanmar
Tel: (95) 9 774485117

Promotion of Young Talents

We promote those studying and graduating who have a positive attitude towards the goals of the Green project, share the fundamental ideals of the Heinrich Böll Foundation – democracy, ecology, solidarity and non-violence – and who take an active socio-political role.

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